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Setting out on property investment marathon - first question...which mortgage broker?

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My name is Cass and I'm in the research phase of my property investment marathon. That's how I've ended up here at the Property Hub and the forum specifically. I'm not usually a forum type of person but I thought in this case it would be a very useful place to throw out any questions and ideas to see what more experienced people think.

I'm already a landlord but this happened accidentally when we moved out of the flat my wife owns in Bristol, to London. We were working there for 5 years and during that time we bought a flat together originally to live in, but we soon changed our minds and took out a BTL mortgage. We're now renting in Worcestershire temporarily, but as soon as possible after the corona virus implications have died down, our plan is to move back to the south west and begin property investment full time.

My strategy isn't fully defined yet, but one thing I do know is that we will need to refinance one of the properties we already own and let out to generate funds for the first of our deals. So to my question.....

Which mortgage broker should I use and why?

This comes with a load of supplementary questions like, Are online brokers trustworthy? Do they have lower fees because they don't have the burden of so many overheads? Do they provide as much support through the process as a hughstreet broker? Doest it mater whether or not you use a broker local to the location you'll be investing?

I'd love to hear from anyone on this topic, investors, brokers or otherwise.

Thanks you in advance, and having just written this post, i'm looking forward to writing more and getting to know some of the PH community.



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