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One thing to note is that if you dont already own property, the options for BTL mortgages are fairly limited, and of those options you wont be able to raise more on a BTL mortgage than that lender would give you on a residential.

I dont do much residential lending through limited companies, but i dont expect your options to be great on that front and indeed, paying a stamp duty surcharge on a residential property doesent seem to be the best way. One of the main benefits of the limited company structure is that the mortgage payment can be deducted as a whole from the rental revenue along with the other costs. With a residential there is no corresponding revenue to offset against.

If your limited company is a trading company, and your main job/income, then its unlikely you would want to use this to purchase property. Most people set up a brand new company as an SPV and lend money between their companies. Trading limited companies and subsiduary companies restrict lenders even further and (ive not checked this) dont overlap with the ltd company lenders who will accept a first time buyer.

As you say though, not a bad problem to have, and what you are aiming to do is broadly feasable, albeit with a few tweaks.

Stuart Phillips
AALTO Mortgages Ltd

Independent, Whole of Market, BTL Specialist.


0207 183 1101

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