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Hi All,

I am due to have some building works carried out on my property. These works aren't covered by my home insurance currently. The works include the removal of a load bearing wall (replaced with an RSJ) and the removal of a chimney breast (from ground floor room).

Can I keep my current buildings insurance in place? Whilst my existing policy is in place, can I buy temporary insurance cover whilst these works are to be going ahead?

What's the best way to go about this?

Thanks all!





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If you use a contractor they should have insurance that covers any damage caused by the work so your home insurance should be fine. Tell your insurer you are having work done and ask if there is any effect on your cover - they may reduce it.

If you are doing the work yourself your insurance probably won't cover any damage from the work so you may need other insurance.

Either way best to speak to your insurer & ask them.

Good luck :) 

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