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Can't get gas safety cirtificate becaues of Covid-19

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We are on the cusp of letting out our flat except we cannot currently get a gas safety certificate because the gas meter is not working and the energy supplier says it can't be replaced or repaired because of Covid-19 restrictions. (The meter is outside so I don't see what the problem is but that's what they've said). The gas meter needs to works so that the flow rate can be measured when servicing the boiler.

So we have an empty flat which is getting free gas but can't get the certificate. 

Can anyone think of a workaround?

If the flat was occupied and the safety certificate needed to be renewed, what would the situation be then with this problem?


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If you thought there was a gas leak, or could smell gas from the gas meter box, they would come out as an emergency.  

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Yes I've been told they're doing emergency site visits only. But the meter is just not responding, there is no gas leak. If we already had tenants in and couldn't renew the gas certificate because of this then surely there would be a way around.

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It's not pre-pay, it's a normal meter with a digital screen to take meter readings from. The screen has stopped working so I'm told the boiler can't be serviced because a flow reading needs to be taken. The meter was only installed a couple of years ago

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