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Networking around Lancaster and Cumbria

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Afternoon all!

Just thought I’d reach out and use the collective knowledge of property hub on this one, but does anybody know of any networking meetings, or even anything more informal, but geared towards Lancaster and Cumbria area? I have heard a lot of the north west groups seem to focus more around the major cities of Manchester and Liverpool, of course I’m still going to give them a go because I will still learn a lot even if I’m listening to people talking about a different target area than mine! 

If not, but there is anyone that has similar feelings to me, I would definitely be up for a chat and we could look to organise something, I’m am very much of the start of my journey but I am keen and passionate and I would like to think I have taken in enough information to at least be able to have a proper informed discussion with people! 

Hope you are all well and thanks to anybody that has taken the time to read this!



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