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New invester/trader Ltd or Spv

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Looking to get into property investing. I may buy to refurbish and sell or rent out so that may mean getting a buy to let mortgage once refurbish.

I will be looking to do a few property's over the next year.

The first may be with cash and some bridging finance.

Question is do i want a SPV company or just a limited company. I will take out a new company just for property .

I currently am a director of my own LTD company and a higher rate tax payer. Some of my existing company profit will be loaned to the new property company and some of my own personal money will be loaned so this will finance the start up of the business.

I here a SPV company is easier to get a BTL mortgage but not recommended for trading in property.

Any advise please

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Great question as we have a similar conundrum, so I'll be keen to review any feedback too. We have been investing a property (a mix of flip and BTL) for a few years on a part time, individual basis (myself and my wife), but now want to focus on this full time. We are looking for the most appropriate (compliant) and also tax efficient way of trading (i.e LTD, partnership or continue as sole traders). So rather than hijack your thread, I'm hoping that any advice you receive may also be helpful to us. Good luck in your new ventures! 

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Yeah, just start a new limited company with SIC code 68100 and lend money between businesses or personally if you need to give it some seed money.

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