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helen court

Empty property due to lockdown

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I need some advice please. We completed on our second B2L in early March, titivated it a little and put it on the rental market just before lock down. We have secured a tenant, but they are unable to move in because of lock down. House is in Wales so still have near full lock down restrictions. Early on I informed the landlord insurer and was told that they would insure the property for 3 months as an empty house (and put the price up). This in effect is up to mid June.

What do I do? I am thinking that 

PS I live in Pembrokeshire and house is 30 minute drive away so haven't even been able to check up on the property. Lots of police around doing stop checks to stop the tourists. 

Any thoughts on what I should do to keep insured would be gratefully recieved.

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