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Best business bank account for a new start up.

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Does anyone have recommendations for a business bank account for a SPV LTD company owned by me and my fiancé?

Starling seems good as it is free, I currently have Lloyd’s business account which has fees.  

Will be our first investment with an aim to acquire 5 properties in 5 years.

Many thanks.


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I can highly recommend Starling Business (and personal) current accounts.  The mobile app is really easy to use and supports most tasks you will need, but it is also easy to logon using a laptop and access from there.  And no fees so great if you have a period where you aren't using it for much.

The personal current account pays interest and once I had opened the personal, then opening a business was very smooth (the recommended way to build the relationship and ease the journey apparently).


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+1 for Starling. Easy to set up and no fees (unless you're using the Post Office counter service, otherwise ATMs and online all fee free). 

Also use Metro Bank which has been decent. It does charge a £5 monthly fee if your balance is less than £5k. Otherwise, their app and overall service are fine, especially if you have a branch located nearby. 

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Started with Santander, as free for 18 months, but app etc was quite basic, not a match on their personal accounts. Then tried Tide, which was good, but there's a fee for every account activity so with various invoices, it was getting close to the paid accounts. 

Moved to Starling last year and really happy with them, especially for free. Statements can be downloaded as PDFs which is good for mortgage applications or as CSV which is useful for bookkeeping. Website is actually a bit of an add on, it's really built for the mobile app. Also like ability to have 'spaces' which are separate from main account, so use to build up maintenance fund etc with a monthly payment into them and can also be set to round up any purchases, so you don't really notice it building up those rainy day funds.

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I understand what you mean and I myself have encountered such problems, but the fact is that sometimes buying a ready-made company is much easier than building your own company from scratch. I thought about it a lot and after I saw a huge number of documents and huge queues at banks, I realized that it was more profitable and quicker to buy a shelf company. sfm provides awesome company registration and management services as well as selling reliable companies at great prices. So if I were you, I would think about this and not about how to suffer with the creation of a bank account for this.

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Don't use HSBC. It takes 1 hour for them to answer the phone

Don't use Lloyds. They are terrible at everything they do

I have accounts with Barclays and Natwest. Their service is better

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