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Looking for advice/recommendations on property sourcer for HMO an hour from NW London

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Hi everyone,

My business partner and I are looking to buy and convert a house to a 5-bed HMO somewhere within an hour or so drive from NW London, where we live. 

We have £150k to invest in total on the property and refurb costs - so thinking £250k purchase price on a 25% mortgage and £60k for refurb. 

We both work full-time and so as this would be our first HMO (we both have experience with single lets), we would need some hand-holding, starting with a property sourcer.

Does anyone have any good advice as to how go about finding a trustworthy sourcer? We are also open to dealing with someone who does both sourcing and project management combined. 

Any other general advice also welcome, although I'm sure I'll be posting again soon with more questions.

Thanks in advance,


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