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What will security contract look like in 10 years?

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I see two trends that can put pressure on small contract security companies. With advances in AI and robotics, security robots (now in their infancy) will take on their full meaning. I don't see them replacing the security guards. Still, they will reach a level of efficiency and reliability, putting a lot of lazy, under performing guards out of a job. Customers will also invest in better cameras and better intrusion alarms and expect their security providers to speed up their use and maintenance.

The second trend is the increase in crime and the decrease in the presence of law enforcement. I have not seen any direct studies, but you currently have many police officers who are retiring or leaving the field and a challenging recruiting environment. Security will most likely be asked to fill the gaps, requiring better trained and more qualified security personnel. 8 hours of training and the minimum wage may be suitable for other night watchman positions. Yet companies that don't adapt will find it difficult to get contracts.

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