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Refurb resources - where to learn the nitty gritty

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Hi hubbers! 

Long time lurker, first time poster! 

I have two BTLs and am currently purchasing a third. I love rolling up my sleeves and doing the light refurb work and seeing the extra value offering slightly better than the market can give you and having the pick of tenants. But I want to take the next step and go deeper into more total or in-depth renovations following the BRRR method. Due to finances I will not be able to get into seriously until next year so I want to take the time this year to deep dive into researching the subject. 

I want to know if anyone can recommend any good resources for learning about all elements of the physical refurb, if say, you were going back to bricks and reconfiguring a place - so from picking the right property and redesigning the floor plan all the way through to interior design mastery, and everything in between... 

Books, courses, (maybe podcasts but unlikely to have the level of detail IMHO)

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions or pointers you can give. 

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