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Hi everyone

Thought I would take the plunge and say hello after reading some great post's on the forum ranging from saying hello to really helpful advice.

I bought my first home in 2001 and have had a few BTL along the way which have now been sold since  2017 

There were many  up's and down's  but I am now looking to enter back in to the property market with a different mindset and attitude.

This is made so much easier with sites like property hub and it's member's so thank you.

P.S this took me an hour to write !


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Hi Darren

Apologies for the slow reply and thanks for question as its been a while since I logged in, so a nice surprise !

I'm not the best with the tech side of things so trying to improve.

To answer your question the reason for selling up was the fact that I re-located from Coventry, where I grew up,

to the North West so it felt the right thing to do at that time.

The reason for wanting to get back in is that I done OK in Coventry but really didn't have a clue and now I feel it

could be  a good time especially with the right attitude.


p.s really enjoyed reading about your journey and comments so cheers

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