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wajiha dadabhoy

Making a Self-Contained studio flat in my house

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for some advice on creating a self-contained studio flat in my house to generate some extra income for my family,  if anyone can be of assistance it would be much appreciated :)

I have an end of terrace 2 storey family home, with a single storey garage space to the rear and no garden. It has a front entrance and a side entrance. The side entrance is connected to the garage which I am looking to covert into a single storey self-contained studio flat. 

It is a rectangle of approx. 27 sqm. I intend to build a small bathroom and kitchen in this space and I will need to apply for planning for additional windows to the rear and / or roof light. I am aware of building regulations of fire safety etc. and intend to bring it all up to scratch.

However I know a new-build studio flat minimum requirement is 37 sqm. Therefore what is the best way to allow for a self-contained studio to be rented out in this space? Could I consider the tenant as a lodger if I give them their own kitchen and bathroom? Or could it be considered a bed-sit or HMO? Bearing in mind my family and I will live in the main household, and wish to keep both spaces separated.  

If anyone has done something similar and can share their advice it would be great, and let me know if I have missed anything!

Thank you!



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