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Paragon bank mortgage

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10 minutes ago, alex wright said:

Has anyone else had a bad experience with Paragon over a remortgage specifically with using their panel solicitors, valuations and then offers expiring? Or have I just been very unlucky?

Last year I had an application rejected as I was remortgaging a property. It's because the property I was remorgaging used to be classed as 'Shared-ownership' and turned out Paragon does not allow for this in their criteria.

I am currently going through another application with them for a new property, still early days but I have had to fill out a Business Plan plus a lot of other documents for them which has taken a while! So let's see how it goes.


What happened with yours?

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Ok thanks Onkar, good luck with the current application, I would suggest that you keep nudging everyone involved in it at every opportunity, chasing solicitors, valuers and broker to make sure that things happen on time and you don't have to repeat any parts of the process, thanks for your response and once again good luck!

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