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How do i turn my studio into a 1 bed?

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Been having a lot of trouble trying to shift my studio flat - literally pulling my hair out! was on the market last year with barely any interest and the same seems to be happening now apart from a few ridiculously low offers as 1 bed flats around me are selling fast (a lot smaller than mine in sq m2, without gardens, parking and share of freehold that I have) - have come to the conclusion the best way to sell my flat is to somehow turn it into a 1 bed; seems that no one wants studio flats anymore :)

Was thinking about and had budgeted for moving the kitchen into the living are, new boiler etc - had plumbers gas engineers came round and moving the kitchen is a no no, just can't be done without some very serious work - Any ideas anyone? - do you reckon best bet is to split the living area into 2 with a stud wall? maybe put a window in the new bedroom (am lucky in the fact am share of freehold, is a house split into 4 flats, the other freeholders are pretty laid back so unless i start messing with the outside of the building should be ok) 

Any ideas would be much appreciated! Cheers ;)

Link to flat with floorplans, pics, video - https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/55097401?search_identifier=fad464df7f82e93dd5a5c24d2bbf7351

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A bedroom has to have a window, so you'd need to allow for that which would impact the outside of the building and may require planning permission.

No idea what the price is like for the area (I'm mainly laughing at the idea of paying that much for a studio), but is it the right price? Everything will sell if it's priced right but depends how keen you are to sell. Don't know the area, but Zoopla is advertising one beds for less on your advert, so feels expensive unless it's in a much better area or is a lot bigger.

In terms of moving the kitchen, the boiler could stay in there. It's not ideal having a boiler in a bedroom, but it's pretty common. Make the cooker and hob electric and the only issue is the waste from the sink. If there's no drains on the left side of the building from the floorplan view, then it could be difficult to get the pipework in.

The only other thing I can think of is to put a sliding wall in the main room, so that the bedroom can be closed off to provide privacy and a better look when in the lounge area, but it's still technically a studio flat

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Cheers Dino thanks for the advice, welcome to london crazy ain't it, there does seem to be a lots of 1 beds on the market atm mostly buy lets being sold off cheap i think going for around the price of mine or slightly more but most are pretty grotty above shops kinda thing no garden parking etc, neighbours 1 bed flat on the same floor sold for 260k few months back think is around 10m2 bigger than mine but has a view of the garden aswel tho

Have decided on sticking a well done stud wall with a door to separate the main studio room (studio room is 21m2 or something) with a new window, removing these built in wardrobes which don't need to be so deep which should free up a lot of room, prob move them to another wall in the new bedroom since are well made. Also maybe free up the wall or some of the wall between the kitchen and the living area maybe put an arch to make it a bit more open plan (this might be a structural wall tho so not sure will wait to hear back on that) Have to wait and see what the building regs/planning etc say about the window first before any of this, reckon should be ok is not overlooking neighbours etc. I did look into moving the kitchen main prob is the gas and waste water etc would be an absolute nightmare according to gas/plumber man as everything is on one side of the building for all the flats would new new boiler, radiators aswel so fingers crossed will stick to this plan also is considerably cheaper this way, hoping should be around 5k mark done properly.

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Looks like there's a 2 bed flat in the same building going for £360k! Is there a reason why everyone's selling up?

There's a couple of other studios for sale within a 1/4mi for £190k and £200k. Being a studio, there's a limited market of buyers. Have you had many viewings? As Dino states, usually comes down to price. Everything sells at the right price.

Perhaps speak to a local agent. The last thing you want is to start changing the layout and spending money if doing so turns it into two small rooms that can't really be used for much. If you split the room into two, what's the other room going to be used for? Might be too small for a sofa so you end up losing a living space. If you do change it to a 'one' bedder, then you're competing against the other one bedders that are probably c.50-60sqm. 

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Thanks for the advice Derek, Seems to be everyone starting families wanting to upsize ....That's the thing, those other studios around that price are considerably smaller than this, plus prob have monthly service charges, no gardens in some big block of flats, a largish studio like this is prob the worst thing to sell atm as prices round here at my end of the market seem to be falling - am sure would do better as a small 1 bed, agent seems to agree aswel.

Haven't had many viewings prob not helped by the whole corona thing, did have a decent offer i prob would have taken with a bit more budging but turned out the lady couldn't get a mortgage so why on earth the agent even let her make an offer god knows - but still would have been selling at a slight loss. Have seen 1 beds down the road smaller than mine in sqm2 sell for 20k more than I'm asking so does seem like the word studio puts people off :) gonna take it off the market in a week or so anyways to do everything.

Living room will be large enough for the sofa,  little table by the side and tv cabinet etc so hopefully shouldn't be too cramped is a fairly large area space wise, built in cupboards make everything look smaller but am gonna move them around. True but i wont be putting an asking price of 250k on my 1 bed like they will so hopefully will appeal to the lower end of the market in that respect, we'll have to see :) will stick some pics on here when all is done, if get the go ahead to do it of course.. 

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