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Do you have a "refurbishment assessment form" you'd be happy to share?

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I am looking to avoid reinventing the wheel and benefiting from your experience if possible.

Does anyone have an assessment form they use to make sure they're consider all aspects of potential works required on a purchase?

If you have anything like this and would be happy to be share, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks Nicola

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Hi Nicola,

Not sure if it's what you're after, but I have this checklist saved on Google Sheets here. Contains a schedule of works with some areas to consider. 

Personal Blog: https://abcdad.co.uk
Property Spreadsheet and Deal Analyser: https://abcdad.co.uk/property-spreadsheet
Looking to read some Property books? https://abcdad.co.uk/books/property-books
Follow on Instagram: @abc.dad

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