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A very average introduction.

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Hi guys,

My name is Conor and I am a registered mental health nurse currently working in a forensic hospital. Although I love my job, my passion has always been in property development. 
Since an early age my grandma was always buying, developing and selling properties. During my teen years I would labour for her on a weekend and although I was too young to absorb and process the information, it was something I looked forward to nonetheless. Unfortunately she passed when I was 19, the labouring came to an end and the property adventure she had been on did too. Her portfolio was pretty extensive as far as I can remember. In particular I remember a double barn conversion in a village near me in which she lived in a caravan on the site for 2.5 years whilst it was being developed. She also bought a large plot of land in which she was going to build 4 separate barn-style houses, unfortunate she never got to finish the project.

So back to me, I went on to obtain A-levels whilst also working at a supermarket on an evening to earn money. Once my A-levels has finished I went onto work in a mental health hospital as University didn’t really interest me. I fell in love with the job as a nursing assistant, I also excelled within this role so much so that the NHS seconded me to gain my full nursing qualification at University in Sheffield. Subsequently, me and my partner moved to Sheffield and have just purchased our new house (due to complete in the next few weeks). I completed the degree and returned to the hospital to work as a full qualified nurse.

However, the burning desire to step foot into the property market has never left me and I don’t think ever will. Not only do I want to succeed and carry on in my grandma’s footsteps, property is of major interest to me and something I am constantly educating myself within as I am always eager to learn and find out more!

My partner has a student HMO in Sheffield and she is fantastic at running the property, engaging with tenants and maintaining the property, she has also been an inspiration to me. It is something we are both VERY passionate about.

As I say, I am at the beginning of my career in property, and I am looking forward to progressing alongside my partner and any other like-minded individual, businessman/woman, or investor! 

I am always open to chat, whether this be advise, suggestions or possible investment... don’t hesitate to drop me a message :).


Anyway, there you go... that’s me and I hope everyone is keeping well during these uncertain times!




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Hi Conor,

Sounds like you are on the right track.  I'm moving to Sheffield in August and am thinking of buying my next BTL there.   I have two BTLs in Manchester which are going well.  I had bought an off plan apt in Liverpool but that has turned out to be a bit of a nightmare and I have recently rescinded the contract.  Waiting to get my deposit back now but I may have to sue them to get it back.  Might be interested in catching up for a coffee sometime to talk about property and opportunities in Sheffield if you are keen.  I have only been to Sheffield twice but it looks like a great city. 


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