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charlotte clark

Can I convert a semi detached to terrace and any idea how much a kitchen extension costs?

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I'm interested in purchasing a period semi-detached 2 bed Victorian house.

The living room is very small, so we had the idea of knocking through the wall to the right-hand side of the property and bring the front door forward to the front of the house (I've attached the floorplan and drawn a green line labelled 'D' to show where this would be extended). The orange line ('A' & 'B') is where the property is attached to the houses either side.

We also wanted to extend the kitchen into the garden (see the blue line 'C' where we would place bi-folding doors) and make the kitchen and dining room open plan with skylights. 

I have two questions:

1. Is it possible to extend a semi-detached property so that it becomes a terrace, or are their implications or considerations we should know for this? We could perhaps leave a slight gap between our property and next door if needed. I read online planning permission may not be necessary if it's less than a 3m extension from the house?

2. We also have no idea how much a kitchen extension would cost of this nature, so when putting in an offer for the property we'd just like to know whether we can afford to do the extension before we buy (so we're not overstretching ourselves) and that it would be worth the cost by adding more value to the house. 

The current owner as already extended, to join the next door property, with a bedroom ensuite on the first floor, so we're hoping our ideas may be possible.

Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,



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Hi Charlotte,

I can only answer your planning-related questions I'm afraid, rather than more property based ones.

In terms of extending the house, you are correct in thinking that there are plenty of extensions you can do without getting planning permission, although I would always advise getting a Certificate of Lawfulness from the Local Authority to confirm that what you want to do does not require planning permission. The Planning Portal has a lot of information regarding what can and what cannot be done without planning permission, including helpful interactive guides (https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200234/home_improvement_projects).

The 3m depth of a single storey rear extension you mention is correct, but this is measured from the original rear wall of the house at the extension's deepest point, and it can get complicated if it attaches to another extension or extends beyond the side of the house.

From a planning point of view, there is no reason why you could not build up to the boundary or attach to the neighbour's house, but you would likely require their permission and have to undertake a Party Wall Agreement etc. 

I hope that this helps


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Hi Charlotte, 

Tom is 100% right on his answer, I would just add that you can get a very good indicative of how easy it would be for the planning permission to be granted or not by checking for existing comparable in the same road / close area.

Basically if someone has done it already, there's a lot of chances you will be allowed to do it too.

gets a bit trickier building against the neighbors boundary because you require a party wall agreement and without their consent and even if the council agrees you won't be able to undertake the works.

In terms of the cost of the extension, I'm MCIOB (chartered construction manager) with my own design and build company and amateur property investor, I would be very happy to give you a rough idea on costs for free if you want but I need a bit more info like location, type of construction of the existing building, expectations of the new area etc.

feel free to message me if you would like my opinion.




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Hi Luis thank you so much for your information too, it’s been really helpful. On reflection we realised the cost would be too great for us with this property, so we didn’t go ahead but we’ve just had an offer accepted on another one which will require less work. If it goes through we’d be happy to contact you for the estimate, what are the best details to reach you on? Thanks

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