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Dear Property Hub Community

I am a first time investor in Portugal, in Lisbon and I wanted to know from anyone with experience with long term lets and knowledge of property managers in the area.

Can anyone recommend a good company experienced with long term lets in Lisbon/Portugal? From the majority that I have spoken with the service reviews seem to be mixed at best.

I would be very grateful for anyone to come forward with a recommendation or lead to finding a good property manager in the area and/or any advice on pitfalls to watch out for when choosing one!

Many thanks for your time


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Hi Sues, hopefully I havnt seen this too late.

Meridian Stripes is a company i have used and continue to use for project management in Portugal. Language wont be a problem and they have helped me alot. 

Check their website and contact them, im sure you will be happy with what they can offer.

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