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Mortgages for first-time buyer through an SPV

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Hello All,

I'm trying to get into the buy-to-let world. I don't own any properties (I rent), and I'm planning to buy properties through an SPV.

I know normally lenders don't like first-time buy-to-lets, however, after speaking to a couple of brokers, they came back to me with literally 0 lenders. They said their lenders are not lending to first-time buyers through an SPV, at the moment.

Do you have any broker to recommend for this case?

Thank you! 

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Hi there

This may be something I can assist with depending on the strength of your overall position. Some of the lenders I work with will do first time landlord mortgages but I would expect the rate to be higher to reflect the additional risk. 

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss further. 


Commercial Finance Broker ¦ Property investor ¦ Ex banker/underwriter with over 20 years lending experience

Commercial Lending Manager at Real Finance Ltd - www.realfinance.co.uk
Happy to discuss any queries regarding property finance for  Company/Complex/Portfolio BTL, HMO, MUB, Holiday Let, Commercial, Bridging & Development.  


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