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Hello Everyone!


I read Rich Dad Poor Dad 15 years back, then life got in the way and a great career in financial services that brought(born in South Africa) me to London in 2004.


About 6 years ago I bought my first investment property off plan at the complete top of the market in 2008. This has become a most valuable lesson for me as the initial incredibly tough time of negotiation in getting the deal completed meant I have learned a lot very early in my property investment career.


It is only till about 8 months ago that I truly started to get into gear to really think about building passive income from my property portfolio with the goal of financial freedom in 5 years. 


My first step was to put together a mastermind group of like minded individuals(friends) with the aim of drawing together our intellectual and financial resources.


Once this group was established, I have prioritised my own personal development in the topic of Property Investing.


Even thought I will always have a mind set of openness and willingness to learn new ways of understanding current and developing market trends like the upcoming pensions reform, my knowledge is at a level were I am comfortable with the strategy I have formulated and confident in taking action to execute it.


Throughout 2015 I will be buying BTL single let properties with development potential at BMV through a limited company SPV at actions and pre-auctions.


My target is to grow the portfolio by £1m over the next 12 months.


I look forward to learning from all of you and be a valuable contributor to this forum.




0786 336 0279


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