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Stamp Duty Strategy in Liverpool.


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Hi there 

I am very grateful for this platform. Thank you! 

I am going to be moving up to Liverpool for a few weeks to source and buy a BTL property. I am looking at L6 and L7. My aim is rental yields, not so much CG. I really want to network there but it's not that easy. 

For £150k with 25/30% deposit I am wondering if I go for a better built 3 bedroom house (easy to manage) or a simpler 4 bedroom place (higher yield +more risk). 

The aim, if all goes well, is to return before end of the Stamp Duty Holiday and purchase another property (Possibly an HMO) for bigger yields. By that time I will know a bit more about the associated risks with property investment in Liverpool. 

If anybody can shed advice on my strategy, especially re. the amt of bedrooms I purchase on first property, I would be Soooo appreciative. 

Thanks everyone! 


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