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Hi Everyone, 


I have only just dicovered the Property Hub and am working my way through the podcasts. What an advantage this technology is!! 


I'm here becasue I want to get foucused and really do some research instead of being impulsive! I have experienced renovating 2 properties, one was taken back to a shell and the other not far off. The last one was a fail from a finacial view point. I have learned some painful lessons with that one and now want to move on and move up and never let that happen again. 


I really dont think I can to buy to let at this moment in time as I want to make some money back and I don't have a day job so getting a mortgage is not going to happen. I would however like to do this at some point.


I want to flip as many poperties as I can with the capital I have as quickly as I can and not loose a penny ever again, big ask I know!! 

I'm hoping to deepen my knowledge of how to buy below market value among many other things. I'd also be interested to learn tips for buying at Auction.


I have read though a few posts on here already and am learning loads, thankyou all so much!!! 


I'm also wondering about the wisdom of buying in areas not local to me that may experience more growth than Bristol (which is pricey). I just don't like the thought of not knowing the area. 


Anyway nice to meet you all! I'm going to get back to reading more on here. 


Best wishes



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Hi Nicky,

Im also from Bristol and it was good to read your post. Sorry that I can't offer much help as I'm very new to the scene but wanted to say hello anyway. I think there's beginning to be a few bristol based investors here so maybe in the future we could arrange a mini bristol meet?



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