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Modern refurbs

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Does anyone else think the combination of grey and white for seemingly all refurbs these days is a bit boring?

I know it's easier if you do everything one colour but it's so lacking in imagination. 

For our BRRs we're planning on making the homes look like you want to live there rather than something quite sterile and cold. Is this a good idea or a waste of time/money?

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Grey is the current magnolia. It doesn't offend anyone and is neutral for any other embellishments - settees, curtains, pictures etc.

If you go for something more dramatic, you'll definitely stand out and, if you find someone who loves it, you may be able to charge a slightly higher rent, but you also risk alienating a large proportion of potential tenants who don't like it. A splash of colour or a feature wall is one thing, one of those walls showing a New York skyline might work, especially if expected tenants are young professionals, but avoid anything too feminine/masculine, particularly in bedrooms. 

If it's an AirBnB, you can go for it to stand out as people will only be there for a night or two, but if it's going to be their home, you want it to be clean and modern but not too off-putting. 

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4 hours ago, julia urquhart said:

I hate grey and white throughout - I think its really cold. I quite like it in. moderation - say a bathroom or kitchen but not everywhere!

I am still painting magnolia as I think it a much warmer colour and goes with more.

When I see houses that are magnolia, they look like they've not been updated in years. Grey and white is the trend and will change eventually but hopefully not back to the magnolia bomb

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Funnilyy enough we've just painted a living room ion one of our properties magnolia for the very reason that it is warmer feeling than the previous white. The entire house was white. Every room and corridor. We didn't paint it that way but it needed changing.

Obviously these things are tastes so everyone is different and it's interesting to see you both have different views. I guess I just think it's nice to have a "warm" house when you walk in.

I like the idea of a feature wall to breakup the monotony of a place. 

These are BTLs and not BNBs


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