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House price Data - best source


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With amariino on Rightmove Sold Prices and Nethouseprices. There's also Mouseprice. These are all free resources. Then there's the paid stuff like Property Data, which contains sold prices along with a lot more info.  

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Only thing is with these sites is actually how accurately do they predict current market values? Their seems to be a pretty big lag especially at the moment on all sale prices hitting the sites. 

ive just bought two places, only one sale taken place in the last 4 years where the capital growth has been insane, including COVID, so it made it hard to judge, even the agents weren’t 100% sure on where to list it exactly so went with a I guide.


I went with what I thought they were worth based on the area , my rental yield numbers and strong potential for more capital growth due to big investment into the area. 
I would say the zoopla estimates were way off…one I bought for less money and is a terrace not an end terrace, is actually now valuing £20k more than the 3 bed semi that I bought with a bigger garden on zoopla. Not overly reliable. Rent was out  by about £250 a month on Mouse price as well and I know as I have rented mine out! 


if I was going to build a model I’d be wary about using this information to be honest at the moment

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One thing that would be interesting is if their is a data stream that is closer to the conveyancing process rather than the sold / STC prices.  

I offered and STC on a house in March, it didn’t go through till last working day in august and probably won’t appear on land registry data for 3 months after.  Few houses have sold in the last 3 years and few rentals in the last year (apart from one I have tenanted that wasn’t advertised). Once it hits the LR, the data is nearly 9 months out of date. 

fot me thinking how many of these scenarios are taking place every day around the country at the moment and those who know about this information know where the opportunity is

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