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Larger deals with good yields?

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Hi Property Hub members,

I am London based and have been reading and learning about UK property since around 2 years. With it came the whole obsession around financial freedom and passive income which is especially attractive as I have been working in a long-hours office job I could really do without.

It was very difficult to get started but somehow I completed a first BTL through a Ltd. in York (through Propertyhub invest) and have now narrowed down on Leeds for further investments.

I am fortunate that besides some savings I came into some funds through my family (100k+)

Given that, my thinking is that I want to focus on larger deals since I have the capital. Also, thinking long term (20+ years) I rather deal with 3-5 larger properties than say 10+ smaller ones (which does not appear passive anymore to me)

Given the yield however tends to go down once you look at more expensive properties, I am in a bit of a conflict.

Now, you might say the obvious answer is HMOs, however since I went into freelancing recently as well to up my income and flexibility, the mortgage options there are restrictive to say the least (checked with independent advisor)

What other options are there to achieve good yields on larger deals, if there are any? (e.g. I heard of apartment blocks etc.)

I want to focus on getting high cash flow with some capital gain as well.


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