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Property newbie - West London

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Hi Everyone,

New to the world of property investing myself but have recently finished our first renovation on a property in Brighton. My dad owns a few BTL's which we were able to extract some equity from to start our venture. So glad we found property hub as we were considering going down the paid training route!

After watching most of the university course content and still feeling a little green to it all the plan is to flip properties for the next two years in the south east to then invest in BTL's up north. We are naturally looking to invest in West London too as this is where we are based (big ask I know!) but maybe Zones 4-6 rather than Central London. I have also inherited 25% of a house in Belgium and have 50K of my own funds which will probably go towards our next Flip property. 

I have a couple questions for you guys;

  • as I own 25% of a property in Belgium does this mean I now have to pay the 3% stamp duty for any additional properties I buy?
  • What areas in the southeast would you recommend looking for flipping? or does it simply come down to buying the property under market value?

I am writing this in the hope that I can make some great contacts in the industry and talk to anyone else looking to do similar projects. I am looking to build a reliable team or perhaps do a joint venture with someone in the future. My skills an knowledge are in the motorcycle industry so don't really have a lot to trade other than my time, hard work and a transit van! :) 

Hope to speak to you all soon


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