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shen shen

What is this problem? Damp? Boiler?

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I am looking for my next property had found one that I'm interested in.

However, in the built in wardrobe, there are two large dirty patches looks like my attachments. I wonder what problem it could be?

The vendor said that he suspect that it was due to the boiler used to be in the wardrobe. Could it cause this?

Also, the windows are burst and need replacements.

The vendor said to me that the frames are fine so I could change the glasses but not the frame. Is it true?

Thank you


Shen Shen



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Hi Shen Shen, in my opinion this does not look like damp, more staining due to heat and a possible water leak at some point. Overall, I would say this does look like issues due to where the old boiler was installed. For the windows, you can replace just the glass (known as sealed units) fairly cheaply, but you need to measure the thickness of the existing units as some are 20mm, 24mm or 28mm thick. Hope this helps. Thanks

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