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Going into MUFB or "Block of flats" deals

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Hi All,

I have purchased my first BTL last year and am now keen to enter the next level of higher yielding and income focused property deals. HMO's spring to mind, however they come with loads of extra cost and regulation and limited financing options so my attention has shifted onto MUFB (Multi-Unit-Freehold Blocks). These are known to have high yields and also better financing options than HMO's.

Now i was wondering if anyone has experience with these and could help me on the following:

1) Where/how to find MUFB deals in the first place (My investment area is mainly around York and Leeds and maybe London)?
2) Any additional risks or things to look out for compared to the standard BTL deal?
3) Any material or knowledge to get me up the curve on these deals?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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