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Buying a Property with Tenants?

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Hi all, 

I would very much appreciate someone supporting me with this. 

I'm in the process of buying a HMO that has 6 students already moved in for the next acamdemic year. 

After seeing the AST and HMO licence I've agreed a sale. 

Could anybody advice me on the things that I should be aware of. I'm also not sure about the inventory report, and how I'm going to transfer the management of the property. 

I've got a list so far but if anybody has had prior knowledge on this I would be very grateful if they share their expeience. 


-Are the tenant in arrears?

-Where is the deposit? -is it protected securely? 

-Section 48. Legal form that informs the tenant that i'm the new landlord. (I'm not aware of the full process). 

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