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First Time Buyer, Owner Occupier: Broker & Solicitor Recommendations

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Make sure your mortgage adviser (broker) can look at the whole of market and isn't tied to one provider (like a bank). Then make sure you know what their fees are in addition to the fees charged by the lender. I use L&C on line as they don't charge the borrower a fee (often £500 or so) and I have found their process efficient. Most Estate Agents also offer mortgage advisers which can be convenient for a first purchase.

Look for a local solicitor as you will have to prove your identity, sign documents etc so being able to access the office easily is useful (although procedures have changed a bit at the moment) then look at reviews. Conveyancing is pretty simple unless you are buying something complicated, but it is a big investment and it needs to be protected so cheapest may not be best. I would chose a biggish company, not a one man band, where a conveyancer (cheaper option) is overseen by a solicitor - in case of problems.

Good luck :) 

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