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How do I go about networking and team building in Cardiff area?

Marion Baxter

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My son and I are planning to get started on a property portfolio together, in the Cardiff area initially.  We are still at the goal setting and strategy building stage and would really appreciate meeting other investors, either on-line or face-to-face.  We would like some recommendations re solicitors, mortgage brokers, builders, and estate agents in Cardiff. Can you help please?

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And you can come up with cool entertainment to keep everyone involved in transactions and formal working relationships interested. For example, teams have to solve logical tasks, looking for the necessary hidden objects, places indicated on the map, solve clues. This can be an office space or online story. Our director played with us in a virtual game with slides. After completing one task https://slideswith.com, the team moves on to the next, trying to spend as little time as possible. The goal of the quest is to complete the tasks faster than the other teams. For such a corporate event it is necessary to prepare properly - to think through the tasks, work out the route, leave the right clues and, of course, to prepare a prize for the winning team.

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