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How do I go about networking and team building in Cardiff area?

marion baxter

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My son and I are planning to get started on a property portfolio together, in the Cardiff area initially.  We are still at the goal setting and strategy building stage and would really appreciate meeting other investors, either on-line or face-to-face.  We would like some recommendations re solicitors, mortgage brokers, builders, and estate agents in Cardiff. Can you help please?

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Hi Marion,

It's a long time since you posted this but I wondered how you'd got on with networking in Cardiff? I'm also just getting started and am looking to buy in the Cardiff/Barry area. I've yet to find any local networking groups and would appreciate any steers you might have.

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Hi Zeon and Marion

Come along to the Cardiff meetup. There'll be plenty of people to ask about all that sort of thing. I have a name of a broker, couple of accountants and a solicitor who I have heard good things about (not used them myself) but the names have popped up quite a few times so I've taken note.


Here's the link if you do fancy coming along. Would be great to see you there. 




Luise :)


The Cardiff meetup takes place on the first Thursday of every month, find out more here

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