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Just wanted to see if anyone has invested in cryptocurrencies? If so which ones?

Would like to know what people's experiences have been and opinions on crypto in general.

Thanks :)

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I always invest a little. When the price is down, I buy a little and then I wait for the price to go up. If you have enough time and are patient, something can come of it. I won't get rich with it, but at least a vacation will work out.
I'm actually sticking to the more familiar currencies.

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Own a few different cryptos, mainly ethereum. I look at more the long game then trying to chase the short term highs

Mining rigs are a more stable investment and have some tax benefits which you can't get from trading crypto

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Not sure 'cyrpto' and 'invest' can be in the same sentence. If you want to actively trade that's different. But as someone much wiser than me said, anything that fluctuates 20% in a day is nothing more than a gamble. 

I have a number of friends who all jumped on the Bitcoin band wagon, and they are all still out of pocket. Granted, it might come back to them, but I'm happy with my funds. 


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