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Advice Please

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Hi Guys,

I intend to purchase a property to flip in a few months, in my new company's name.

I have had an introduction, conversation with a property accountant thats been recommended to me.

The accountant has sent me 2 proposals below, I would appreciate some advice on this please

1. Do I need this at such early stage? I would like to have things right from the beginning, but not un-necessarily.

2. Is the cost appropriate for what being offered?

3. I currently have a FT job that I intend to keep for a little while,  do I need the first proposal?

(1) Personal tax return service £180.00 which covers the below

  • Preparation of your Personal Tax Return
  • Submission of your Tax Return to H M Revenue & Customs
  • Advising you of payments due to H M Revenue & Customs

(2) Proposal for the company at £40.00 per month

Finance Assistant services - Production of Annual Accounts

Based on the information being entered and reconciled in Xero accounting software package.

This includes:

  • Production of annual accounts & management information
  • Production of abbreviated accounts for filing at Companies house
  • Scheduling of your tax computation and mitigation of tax arising
  • Maximising your tax efficiency and claiming all possible breaks on your behalf
  • Access to our advice line
Finance Assistant services - Corporation Tax Return

Preparation and submission to HMRC of Corporate Tax Return – Self-Assessment.

To assist you in your legal obligation to file an annual tax return with HM Revenue & Customs.
This includes:

  • Preparation of Corporation Tax Return
  • Submission of Corporation Tax Return to H M Revenue & Customs
  • Submission of accounts in iXBRL format to H M Revenue & Customs
  • Advising you of payments due to H M Revenue & Customs

Thanks for reading and for any advice


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On 8/26/2020 at 10:32 AM, G_K said:

Hi Nikki, 

I am looking to start my limited company too. I was wondering if you were happy to share the details of your accountant please? Their rates seem pretty good. Thanks!


I`ll PM you their details

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