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New eviction and notice period

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can anyone help me with this new situation?

i served 3 months (despite the contract being 1 month) notice to a tenant In July which means they should out by October, which is past the new extended eviction ban.

As I served notice before the new 6 month notice period came into force, does the tenant have to vacate in accordance with the 3 month notice I served or do they now get 6 months notice by default?

Any help would be hugely appreciated as I am wanting to move my in laws into the property as they are currently between homes as have sold their property and are living with me! :unsure:



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Hi Lewis 

I'm in the same position. 

Very glad you posted this as there seems to be little clarity about this exact situation on all of gov.uk pages I have trawled through and news articles I've read.  The ministers announcement just didn't cover it.  Very unclear so if anyone has more information please share it and the source. 


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 All landlords are hit badly by the governments rental eviction ban unfortunately. My understanding is that it is 6 months ban for all non emergency cases irrespective of when you served the notice.

Please read the article below which gives more details on the eviction ban.



Hope it helps, sorry about your situation.





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