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Student tenants - don't want to miss the boat

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I've just found out that my wife has a new job in Coventry and Warwickshire as a doctor (exact hospital tbc) and it's made me start to look at Coventry as an area for investment.

Fundamentals seem good, but the student population really stands our and it's making me think about targeting student tenants.

I would presume that students start to secure their accommodation for the following academic year before they break for the summer, is that right? I'm concerned that the window to find, purchase and market a property is closing fast and I would probably need to have adverts attracting tenants by May at the latest, which would be quite tricky.

Does anyone have experience of this? I don't want to sink cash in a student BTL only to find that I've missed the boat for a year.

Any pointers, war stories or general advice would be gratefully received,

Thanks :)


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My 2 student sons were looking to sign up for their next year's accommodation in Jan/Feb so you may have already missed the main flotilla!  However, that said there will always be latecomers I'm sure and suggest contacting the Student Union to see if the Coventry market is different.  A well prepared property properly kitted out will always be attractive.

Be warned however, that student let prices are high for a reason and it is not all about profit.  From my observations inside the lettings world and visiting my offspring in their flea pits - oops I mean des-res :lol: the student population have limited regard for their surroundings and the maintenance bills can be very high and sorting out the property at  the end of each tenancy can be a nightmare.

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Nick and Tim, thanks for your replies. I've decided to put my student venture on ice and focus to a market that I know better for now - young professionals. I think I'll look at students once I have more experience/confidence in being a landlord. Thanks!

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