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tenancy agreement

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I have been asked to act as a guarantor for my niece which is not a problem. My issue is with some of the content of the TA. It says if the landlord or his representative comes out to let the student into the property for any reason, there's a charge of £100 and the locks need to be replaced the student bears the full cost as well as an administration fee of £25. I think this is excessive. If anyone lets to students please let me know if this is normal practice.

 Many thanks,


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Why should the landlord or agent let you into the property?
You will get several keys. If you lose one, you leave a key with your family. Then if you lose one you still have a key and can fetch it. Then you don't need someone to let you into the property.
I don't think the rule makes sense, but it is easy to bypass it and there is no danger.

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