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The Eco-friendly thread


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  • How are you being environmentally friendly?
  • Have you made any changes to your lifestyle?
  • Do you have any tips or ideas on how to be greener?
  • Any ideas to reduce plastic wastage (easy-swaps are always a good shout)
  • Anything else that anyone wants to add?

I would recommend the following easy steps (I’ll list the first 10 that come to mind)

  1. Get yourself a stainless steel water bottle that can be reused
  2. Look into refillable products (eco-refill). Carex, Detol, Air Wick, L’occitane, Naissance and other brands do refill packs,
  3. Buy larger packs (if this won’t result in wastage)
  4. Buy local produce
  5. Ditch plastic teabags and go for a brand that uses paper or go for loose-leaf tea.
  6. Swap out washing up liquid (plastic bottles) and sponge (non-biodegradable) for dish soap and a bamboo brush
  7. Swap out shampoo and conditioner bottles for shampoo and conditioner bars
  8. Swap out cling film or plastic bags for reusable sandwich bags
  9. Make your own snacks at home such as hummus or crisps (hummus takes minutes and tastes much better)
  10. Drink milk? Get your milk in glass bottles or a tetra-pack (e.g. UHT, Soya, Almond, Cashew, Oat).
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I have become pretty eco-friendly these last two years…so here's what I do:

- I buy meat and cheese only at the counter, where it is filled into my Tupperware tins

- We fly a maximum of one time per year and then only if you can't get there by car/train and we spend quite a lot of time there…so we don’t take any flight to stay somewhere only a few day…

- I try to do many ways by bike

- no more shampoo and bath additive based on surfactants (has been replaced by hair soap and bath salts and stuff that comes in paper)

- no more plastic bags for bread, rolls, fruit... (was replaced by partly self-sewn fabric bags)

- We have a garden and many things I try to grow myself (potatoes, cabbage, salad...)

- I buy milk and yoghurt in glass bottles, and if possible vegan / soya based

- My wife likes to buy used clothes and she uses them for a long time…especially for children there are quite a lot of second hand stores!


Well, generally speaking, I think that you can live quite eco-friendly nowadays...without having to make any concessions...only when travelling to destinations that are far away you are somewhat restricted if you don’t’ want to take a plane...how do you deal with that?

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1 – Grow your own food.
2 – Eat less meat.
3 – Cut down on processed foods.
4 – Don’t eat foods or drink from BPA-lined containers.
5 – Open windows to let in fresh air.
6 – Open blinds to let in natural light.
7 – Fight “vampire power”.
8 – Get energy-efficient appliances and electronics.
9 – Take shorter showers.
10 – Wash clothes using cold water.
11 – Hang clothes on a clothesline to dry.
12 – Use leftover bathwater or “greywater” to water plants.
13 – Turn off lights when not in use.
14 – Turn off water when brushing teeth.
15 – Don’t let water run while washing dishes.
16 – Run the dishwasher or washing machine only when there is a full load.
17 – Use waterless car wash to wash your car or bike.
18 – Take public transportation.
19 – Walk or ride your bike.
20 – Use a proven fuel additive when you do drive.
21 – Combine multiple errands into one trip.
22 – Get rid of chemical cleaners.
23 – Use natural materials to clean.
24 – Make your own natural shampoo.
25 – Make your own natural lotion, skin masks and cleansers.
26 – Get outside every day for some sunlight and fresh air.
27 – Print documents as little as possible.
28 – Recycle bottles, cans, newspapers, etc.
29 – Donate items you no longer need or use.
30 – Use reusable bags at the grocery store.
31 – Use reusable containers at home.
32 – Make meals using leftovers.
33 – Freeze foods before it goes bad.
34 – Reduce your food waste.
35 – Compost.
36 – Plant a tree.
37 – Start or contribute to a community garden.
38 – Landscape your own yard with native plants.
39 – Buy used rather than new.
40 – Set thermostat 1-2 degrees lower.
41 – Get a reusable water bottle (and use it!).
42 – Opt for paperless billing.
43 – Pay your bills electronically.
44 – Do a home energy audit.
45 – Fix any leaky faucets to prevent water waste.
46 – Turn old t-shirts into “new” cleaning rags.
47 – Get rid of one-use items (disposable razors, diapers, plasticware, etc).
48 – Read magazines, newspapers and other publications online.
49 – Unsubscribe or cancel all junk mail.
50 – Unplug at least once a day so that you can enjoy nature and the environment around you.

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Great tips! As you can see, it has a lot to do with nutrition. Who eats less meat, and use reusable water bottles, freezes food before it goes bad, grow your own food and so on, can already do a lot for an improved environment! And it is not that difficult...

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