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I'm Charlie from Bury in North Manchester.  

I'm a complete novice in the property game.  Working very busily through life and realise pensions just won't cover my retirement plans.  

Have been talking about going into property for several years particularly following a redundancy back in 2015 however I found myself back in a full time demanding role.

Looking to initially flip to raise some capital and also build a rental portfolio for the longer term.  

Areas of interest are local - so North Manchester towns including Bury, Ramsbottom, Tottington, Heywood, Norden, Bamford, Rawtenstall. Plans are to get stuck in and get my hands dirty - I have a good supporting family who are also willing to help out.

My biggest fear - I'm very risk averse and constantly hold back where money is involved - what if I lose my savings!

Would love to hear from others who are holding down a full time job and family and managing to fulfil their property goals too.

Any advice welcome.

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