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Strategy to start portfolio with 150k

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Hello Everyone,

I always wanted to start property investment. Never had the time from a busy work schedule ( i know it's an excuse) and the cash ( the real challenge). However I may just have become lucky. My house is ready to give me an equity of 175k within 2years and instead of upgrading of my family home I am thinking to start my property investment portfolio. However I need a strategy to make it work.

I have few questions and i really look forward for inputs from experienced property landlords.

1. Between investment in residential vs commercial (shop) properties which is a better option in short term ?

2. Should I invest in london area covered by overground and upcoming cross rail and buy a 1 bed small apartment or house for the budget of 175k as a part deposit ? Assumption is property value would go up by 25 %q within 5 years and gives good rent to cover mortgage and expenses.

3. Now my entire 175k is stuck in one property with a 2 year mortgage deal, how quickly i can remortgage to invest into my property two ? Do i need to sign a new deal to remortgage ? Will i have to pay any penalties for early closure ?

4. Most important of all I keep reading about BMV properties and property clubs. How can i source my first BMV property in Berkshire or London? What is the recommended approach for new investors ? Should i consider auctions ?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your reply.



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