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Solomon Investment Partners


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Hello all,

I am relatively new to the property hub although I have had a keen interest in property investing for a while but have not until now had time to really focus on making it happen and making my first purchase.  I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or advice on buying off plan through an investment partner and in particular if anyone has any experience on a transaction with solomon investment partners? Some of the terms offered on deals such as guaranteed high yields for 10 years and discounted properties since they often have exclusivity on selling entire developments on behalf of developers make the financials stack up favorably but I am skeptical as I am very much of the mindset when something looks too good to be true it often is. Financials aside the other temptation to work with these guys is I am investing from 3-4 hours away so the logistics would favour a more hands off approach.  I have done some research and they seem to have successfully partnered with Empire Property Concepts developers on a number of schemes in the past couple of years in Bolton, Doncaster and Hull and now I am looking at their opportunities in Preston and Wolverhampton. Reviews online seem pretty favourable for the most part. How can I get comfortable about doing business with them? Does anyone have any opinions on either of these two companies through personal experience or perhaps from a friend?

thank you for any insight you can provide that might be helpful.




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Hi Adrian, 

I have not dealt with "Solomun Investment Partners".

However I have experience with similar companies offering similar promises (discounted rates, assured 10 year yields etc) and this has been to varying levels of success. Some are great and some must be avoided. I have a lot to share on the subject as I have worked for one of the good guys in the off plan market. 

I would be very happy to go into this with you further and share some advice that could save you a lot of headache. I will not post anything publicly on the forum though as I don't think it right to call out my negative experiences with some companies for all to see. 

Please drop me a direct message and we can speak further. 

Kind regards, Matthew. 

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