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Refurb with long term tenants

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Hi, I have a victorian property which is in need of some fairly major work mostly due to rising damp. I have long term tenants in the property, I was initially waiting to do it between tenants but they would like to stay and we have a good relationship but at the same time the work needs to be done. 

The work will be : fully strip kitchen, including floor, plaster, ceiling and units, strip plaster in hallway, take bathroom out and strip plaster, ceiling and floor in bathroom. Then damp proof course needs to be applied, dry and new kitchen bathroom, plaster, ceilings, floors installed. With potential unplanned extra work under the floor if supports need replacing. 

First of all how long does this usually take ? I am hoping to be able to do the work in 2 months with a good contractor / team

Second I discusses not charging rent so the tenants can stay locally in airbnb type while the work takes place and they can also store their belongings in the untouched bedrooms.

Any advice / ideas appreciated, basically please critique my plan !! Dont be shy but don't loose all control :-)

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