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Hi All! looking to network


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Hi all, I have just started out on my first business venture with a friend of 7 years, we have currently set up a limited company which will house our property portfolio and are in the middle of purchasing our first 2 properties one in Sheffield and the other in Doncaster. 

Our short term goals at the moment are to be able to focus on this as a full time career and leave our current jobs. We both have a fair bit of experience in construction so hoping this should help us on our way.

Any tips would be appreciated and anyone investing in these areas please feel free to get in contact. 

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Hi Jack,

I'm also looking at investing in Doncaster. I live in London but my home town is near Doncaster so I'm looking at investing there after pulling out some proceeds from another property. I'll be spending some time there in December to look at properties etc. I'm looking at different strategies at the moment - a mix of newer builds (e.g. near lakeside) that'd be low maintenance but still provide a decent yield or higher yielding HMO's. Ultimately I'm after hands off investments as I work quite long hours. 

Interested to hear what type of deals you've gone for in Doncaster/Sheffield - renovation projects/standard buy to let etc. 


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