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Hello everyone I'm new to PH forum and website


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Hi All,

My name is Bradley I'm 22 years old from Manchester and I've been a keen fan of PH for a good year and a half now, I first came across PH when I purchased 2 of there books on amazon whilst talking to myself on a train home from London about my vision with property and where I would like to go with it. 

PH podcasts were my favourite whilst travelling with work and I feel like I benefited a lot from this, I'm a joiner by trade going on to do construction site management and I have worked away from home ever since I started as an apprentice running commercial fit out projects, Ive always had a vision and goal of having a property portfolio as I find construction and property developments very interesting.  As soon as I started working I decided to start saving for my first house and proudly bought my first house in Manchester at 21 and completely refurbed it. 

Just before the pandemic I decided to leave the company I worked for and set up on my own offering joinery services and house refurbs (essentially back on the tools) to free up my time working away for weeks on end to pursue my dream in property. 


Thats where I'm up to now, I love learning from experienced people and feel PH forums and networking will help me with this, also maybe boost some work on a personal level in and around Manchester. I'm currently setting goals to get that next property and go on from there

Thanks, nice to meet you all!!!!

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