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Young investor from Sheffield - Let's chat!

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Hi everyone! My name's Patrick, I'm a 23 year old engineering graduate who's been interested in property since I was a teenager. I have had a bold goal since a young age to build up a property portfolio to give me financial freedom, allowing me to quit my job and provide for my amazing partner and future family.

I have been a listener to the property podcast for many years, aswell as reading and researching anything economics or property for the last few years, and now that I have a nice saving pot, I am about to invest in HMOs in the sheffield area. I would love to meet people with a similar story who with I can chat with and network. I'm also a massive property geek so if anybody wants to talk about anything even remotely related to property and wants an outside opinion or just a like minded person to talk topics through please reach out!


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Hello Patrick_l,

I am looking into starting my BTL journey in Sheffield. I studied engineering there so I’m fairly familiar with the area. I’m just researching the areas beyond the city centre so still at the early stages. Keen to see how your journey unfolds. 

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