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Beginning the Property Journey!


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Hello all!

I am looking to start a property investment journey. I haven't bought any properties yet, and am busy learning about the strategies and practicalities still.

At the moment I am leaning towards professional let's, managed by an agent. I would like to keep my investments in the UK but other than that I will be taking professional advice, and will likely use a property sourcer for the majority of my searching.

My goal to build my portfolio to the point it can support myself and my family. I'm pretty ambitious, so I will try to invest as much as I can as fast as I can, though I don't expect the process to be fast. My fiancée and I love our jobs anyway, so I'm not worried.

I do have one initial question though. If I establish a limited company for our BTL investments, and use that to buy our very first property, can we still use our LISAs when purchasing our first personal property to live in?

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. I look forward to becoming a part of this community.


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