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Shared Student House. Additional people living in property against my will.

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I am at the end of a year long tenancy with a group of four students, who on the whole have been good. They have left the property in a good state.

The problem arrises in the fact that during lock down, one of the tenants decided to have his girlfriend come and live in the house without informing me and against the will of the other three tenants who had moved out. In total she stayed a few months.

I then spent a considerable time dealing with him and the other tenants (who had since moved back home). He refused to move her out ect.

At the end of the tenancy, to reflect the hassle I had dealing with this I would like to deduct just less than a quarter of the deposit. However the agent thinks the TDS might not allow this as I didn't have any direct financial loss.

My losses are my time dealing with this and the potential invalidation of my buildings insurance if a claim had arisen ( I've just asked my broker about this).

Otherwise, whats the point of having a AST with named people especially if the TDS consider it acceptable ?

I will proceed with the claim, allowing the agent to refund any un-disputed deposit. It won't cost me anything to go to arbitration. I would appreciate any comments.

Am I being a tight bitter git for wanting a bit of money back ? They did pay all of their rent on time and leave the property in a good state. 

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I appreciate how you feel, believe me.

But didn't they teach you at Landlord school that your time aka hourly rate is 0 per hour?

You are wasting more hours pursuing this than you can ever possibly expect to recover, move on.

But, I'll say again, I appreciate how you feel, believe me.

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I think you just have to accept that whilst an extra person caused a little more wear & tear there were 3 people less than you rented to so you probably won in the end.

You certainly can't claim for something that didn't happen so just put it down as a Covid-19 issue and move on.

You will be wasting your time trying to claim and it will just make you angry. Think yourself lucky that in a time when many people (me included) gave students money back for moving out early your students paid and didn't trash the place.

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Personally, I'd let it go as you've said they paid and left the property in reasonable condition. Yes, you were inconvenienced, the insurance situation is hypothetical, but is it worth the hassle for less than a quarter of the deposit? The amount of time spent collating evidence for TDS, then waiting and chasing them up, might be put to better use in calling up agents, doing viewings, chatting to investors etc. 

In light of Covid situations, the tenant just wanted some 'us' time with her, which is understandable. 

In the event that TDS does agree with you and pays the requested amount, what would you do with the proceeds? Pay it to the tenants that are now back for the inconvenience? 

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Thank you for all of your comments :-)

Well, in conclusion I do have better things to do with my time. I've not ( other than my time ) had any financial loss.

I've already bought and done a back to brick renovation this year. That is currently let out and I've completed on the next one... I'm making more from going out and 'working' rather than bitching... as it were...

Thanks for the fish slap to the face - much appreciated. I think it was partly my pride and partly being miffed off with the tenant in question.


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