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Hello All,


I have a question with regards to a Flat that I have just bought and I want to carry out a full refurb of the property as it is a bit dated and I want to make it more to my taste.


The property is on an upper ground floor level of a Victorian conversion with 1 flat below me and 3 others above me.


The legal structure is as follows:

1. This is a share of freehold property

2. A management company has been put in place by the Freehold company to manage the building

3. There is a lease between the management company and the freehold company for which I am effectively a "tenant" and have to adhere by the terms of the lease between the two parties


The refurbishment plan I have for the property includes changing of the floors, installing underground heating, getting rid of a non-structural wall between the living room and the kitchen in order to create an open plan living space and will take about 2 months to complete.


From reading the lease, it clearly states that I do not need any permission from the management company to carry out any decorative works, however, if there are any structural alterations to the property, including flooring and pipes, I have to inform the management company of the works. The exact wording from the lease is below. 


Not to erect maintain or make any structural alterations in or additions or improvements to or cut maim alter or injure any of the walls or floor or ceiling beams or slabs or alter the external appearance of the Demised Premises or any part thereof or to any conduits pipes wires cables or ducts or remove any of the Landlord's fixtures but so that the landlord's consent shall not be unreasonably withheld to any non structural alternations.


My questions are as follows:


1. I am not carrying out any structural alternations to the property as I am removing a decorative wall and removing flooring that is laid on top of the actual floors of the property (which are owned by the landlord). Does the management company have the right to refuse for me to carry out the refurbishment as per the terms of my lease?


2. Other than being a good neighbour and informing the other residents of the building that I am carrying out works, is there a legal obligation on me to do so?


Thank you all very much!



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