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Setting up a Ltd Company - to do myself or not?!


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I've had a look on the .gov.uk website at setting up a limited company.

I'm not sure if its better to get my accountant to set it up for me?  Are there any obvious pitfalls people have come across? Are there things I might miss that could be a problem / cost me in later years?

If doing it yourself do you just use the memorandum of association template they have on the site, and standard articles?

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If it’s a simple company structure, you can set up yourself using default options although often your accountant will offer a service address to protect your private home address from being on the public record. At least if you use someone experienced, you’re in safer hands and have recourse if it goes wrong for any reason. Good luck!





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I have used the .gov website to set up a company before, it was really straight forward to use. I think companies that charge fees to do it are running a bit of a racket to be honest!

It makes sense that you would want an accountant to assist but only in complex cases I think.

David M Slater ACMA 

Accufy Accounting  - Proactive accounting for property investors 

0208 242 4926    info@accufy.uk



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